Spray-on plaster insulation

LIMPET are factory ready-made thermal insulation products that are resistant to high temperatures and adapted for spray application. Adequately selected mineral fibres are mixed with inorganic binders of high temperature resistance. The end result is very durable insulation with a low degree of shrinkage. Limpet insulation is a chemically stable substance, It does not contain asbestos,crystalline silica nor halogen salts which could cause corrosion in increased temperatutures.

LIMPET spray-on technology is used for thermal insulation of turbines. This type of coating can also be used for insulating pipes with diameter of 250 mm or more, purification of plants, heat exchangers, and other elements of equipment whose surface exceeds temperature of 550° C.

LIMPET coating is a simple solution for thermal insulation. Its capacity remaining in permanent contact with hot surface of the protected elements allows to apply coatings of the most effective thickness in one homogenous layer.

Thermal insulation of steam turbines offers the following advantages:

  • Excessive heat loss prevention
  • Minimization of rotor expansion and cylinder housing that allows optimizing the start time
  • Staff protection against burns in case of unintentional contact with hot surface

LIMPET is applied with no joints. The monolithic layer eliminates heat loss occuring on the joints and between insulation mats layers.

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