The basic profile of the company includes:
  • Comprehensive projects related with technical insulation of power boilers, boiler components and related facilities, installation of FGD with absorbers and electrostatic precipitator
  • Insulation of turbine, space between chambers, drums spray based on Spray-ON insulation system so-called LIMPET and new insulation technology so-called NTS turbine method that our company is the only one qualified contractor in Poland
  • Comprehensive fire protection, steel and reinforced construction of buildings
  • Refractory Boiler
  • Repair damaged ceilings and reinforced concrete substructures based on the chemical industrial technology
  • Construction projects in the system of comprehensive performance
  • Cooperation with companies both in Poland and abroad
Izolacje turbin

Renovation and construction company

We have been penetrating Polish and foreign markets


The insulation of the ducts from the exhaust fans to the chimney is made in modern technology


Turbine insulation

They prevent heat loss and thermal stress by using reusable materials



We provide services related to the rental and assembly of modular scaffolding of the highest class


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We are constantly developing, adapting to the needs of our clients. We pay special attention to quality and safety.

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