Technical insulation

When working on technical insulation we set as a major objective to achieve the following parameters:

  • Good thermal insulation in high temperature (flat chart λ= f (T))
  • Resistance to vibration (mechanical resistance)
  • Good acoustic insulation absorption and insulation of sounds
  • Ease and efficiency of assembly by using simple tools
  • Relatively low price

We offer a qualified personnel during production stages as well as the assembly stage. Our employees have certificates that allow them to work in the power plant industry and in general construction projects. This is one of the factor which we can ensure high quality of productive services by.

High temperature of 400° - 500°C and pressure of 200Mpa, which is characteristic for operation of power engineering equipment, requires application of multilayer thermal insulation that IZOBUD-REM also performs. Above insulation can be characterized by:

  • Reduction of temperature on the surface of protective coatings in accordance with requirements of health and safety-at-work legislation
  • Limitation of steam temperature at the flow path
  • Reduction of heat loss which can cause disturbance in normal operation of equipment (thermal expansion, durability of seals)

Additional task of thermal insulation is reduction of noise by limiting the degree of transmission of acoustic energy through partition and by absorbing this energy. The multilayer insulation is assembled along with longitudinal and lateral displacement in order to avoid thermal bridges. The aliminium foil plate is often used as an anticonvection partition in order to reduce the radiation effect. In order to have a durable insulation different systems of supportive structures of insulation are used, as well as there is a protective coating that takes care of dilatation effect.

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