NTS Turbine insulation method

In 2005, PRB IZOBUD-REM has performed in Poland, the first two turbines using NTS technology. Turbine No. 8 in the Dolna Odra Power Plant (Nowe Czarnowo) and the turbine at Block A in the Power Plant in Pomorzany area (Szczecin).

System NTS:

  • Efficient thermal and noise insulation
  • No drying time
  • Reusable materials

NTS is a Dry Insulation System

The turbine is enclosed by a jacket of prefabricated NTS sandwich panels fixed to a selfsupporting frame which is completely independent of the turbine body. This construction results in a cavity between the NTS jacket and the turbine body, which is filled with insulation pads imprevious to high temperatures. The NTS method does not require any special safety precautions for installation, maintenance and repair.

The NTS panels are made as sandwich elements consisting of a Rockwool core faced with 0.7 mm galvanized steel plate on both sides. The prefabricated panels are heat insulating and have excellent noise reduction properties. Furthermore, the self-supporting frame of NTS has no connection to the turbine body and thus ensures considerable improvement in actual noise reduction. The highly heat-resistant insulation pads are specially developer for turbine insulation. They are made of a special ceramic cloth and Rockwool insulation material.

NTS is Flexible

NTS is adjusted to the turbine. The frame and jacket components are manufactured to the specifications of the turbine and according to the requirements of the customer. If maintenance or repair of the turbine is needed, it is easy to dismantle all or part of the insulation and reinstall it again.

NTS Solves Many Problems

NTS, recently developer in conjunction with a power-generating authority and a specialist insulation company, efficiently and cost-effectively overcomes problems and risks, which result from traditional turbine insulation with a wet, spray-on plaster.


The disadvantages of the spray-on plaster method include:

  • Drying time – the drying/curing period is time-consuming, it normally takes several days and results in increased downtime costs
  • Cracking – caused by vibration or thermal expansion/contraction results in loss of thermal and/or noise insulation properties
  • Thermal stress – there is a risk of bearings and shaft damage as a result of thermal stress
  • Environmental problems – partial or complete removal of spray-on insulation for inspection or maintenance is dirty, requiring costly and time-consuming dust control procedures
  • Reusability – spray-on insulation is not reusable

The above difficulties are overcome by technical and economical innovation that is NTS, which allows a quick and easy partial or complete demounting of the insulation jacket. Consequently, inspection, repair and maintenance activities, together with associated downtime costs can be reduced by 25-100% compared to traditional methods.

Advantages of NTS system:

  • Prevents heat loss and thermal stress in the turbine
  • Requires no drying time
  • Saves insulation removal time
  • Withstands temperatures up to 600°C (1100°F)
  • Ensures environmentally desirable, dust-free installation and dismantling
  • Made of reusable materials
  • Imprevious to vibration and contraction/expansion damage
  • Has a minimum surface temperature of 20°C (36°F) above the ambient temperature
  • Makes partial dismantling possible
  • Has a tough, oil-resistant surface
  • Ensures efficient noise insulation – less than 80 dBA with no noise enclosures
  • Has an aesthetically pleasing but functional appearance
  • Cost effective method

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